Jaycee Lee Dugard Biography

jaycee-dugardJaycee Dugard – the child (born on May 3, 1980) who was kidnapped more than twenty years ago at the age of 11and her story shocked the whole society in the United States of America. Hence she was kidnapped right near her home, in particular in South Lake Tahoe nobody could reveal the place where she was hidden for several years. The only witness in this story was her step-father who even tried his best to bring her back through immediate actions taken but everything went in vain. All policemen were searching her for long time and no news were heard. Finally no one could find her. The years passed and nobody was thinking that it could be possible to disclose this investigation when one of the kidnappers – Phillip Garrido was suspected while distributing the fliers regarding his new church near the campus in Berkeley. He was accompanied by his wife and two daughters. He was told to register his church by the campus security officers and this fact served as the point of departure in Dugard’s almost forgotten case. As it occurred this person had some criminal records and in addition to that his parole agent was asked to approach them. According to his statement there were no kids in Garridos family. This was suspicious which caused their arrest in 2009 and they were found guilty in committing the following crimes: rape and unlawful deprivation of liberty.
As it appeared Jaycee Dugard was detained for more than 18 years without any contact with the rest of the world. She gave birth to two kids (being 14 years old she gave birth to her first child while a year later to her other child), daughters from the kidnapper – Phillip Garrido. After several years of illegal detention she returned back to her home. As a result the victim was in depression, scared and felt loneliness. From the very beginning of being kidnapped she was told a number of lies that her family did not love her and she was left alone. This all caused emotional difficulties and it took time for her to describe all the feelings in various media resources. She made decision to write about her life in detention. Accordingly she published a book called ‘A Stolen Life’ which attracted lots of readers as it was based on a real story, the story told by the victim itself. It is worth to mention that Jaycee Dugard could manage to continue living without fear as an ordinary citizen and feel the happiness, reunite with her family and her daughters.

10 thoughts on “Jaycee Lee Dugard Biography

  1. Martyn Howe

    I believe everything happens for a reason, no matter how obscene. You were sent to inspire all of us Jaycee, with your strength and determination to overcome adversity in this fragile earthly realm.

  2. cimi

    Hello Jaycee. I just wanted to let you know that I found out who you were because of the recent escape of the three girls in Cleaveland. I am so horrified by what happened to you and would really like to be a friend of yours on facebook.. How do I go about that?

  3. Evelyn Ortiz Winchester

    Dear Jaycee – I am in the middle of reading your memoirs and I just HAD to write and let you know HOW INCREDIBLE a woman you are. I feel for you, I hope and pray you and your family are doing well. You have touched my heart and soul – you are SUCH a survivor! I am SO sorry you had to go through such pain. Watching the interview you did with Diane Sawyer in 2011, you are so beautiful, inside and out. What a miracle it is that you made it out of your ordeal. Please keep on being a voice for all of us who are struggling with our problems, however, after what YOU went through, NO ONE should complain about their piddly problems. If we have a family who loves us and a roof over our heads and the freedom to go outside if we wanted to..those are all gifts, and your story should remind everyone that those gifts are precious, as is our lives. I can’t even express myself in words, I feel that there are no words that describe my thoughts and feelings from reading your story. Only that, I hope someday, I can see you or meet you at some authors’ event or something like that, so that I can shake your hand and tell you in person how great of a human being I think you are. Very sincerely, Evelyn (from Southern California). Pinecones forever!

  4. Ana Sanchez

    I started following your story after Cleveland abductions and have gone into detail of your case. I’m reading your book “A life Stolen”. I’m so upset and cry a out it, having a difficult time comprehending the atrocities this man has gotten away with. I have a one year old (beautiful baby girl) that I love with All my heart, and can’t imagine what you have been through bestowed upon my baby! I cry for you !!!! I’ve been through molestation but can’t even compare to your horrors!!! I think about you and your moms pain! I want you to know that I love you and your family even though I don’t know you and that my heart is w you and your family!!! Thank you for your bravery for telling your story as I can recall being in close situations of being abducted by perverts in my past! God bless you :)

  5. pascal de koning

    Dear Jaycee ,you are a thrue inspiering person and a herro.
    Please take care of your famillie and keep your self save , injoy every day.

  6. Robin

    I would really like to keep in touch with you, it brought a lot of memories of me when I was younger when I came close of being kidnapped, when I was young it was a blizzard and I thought it was my uncle wanting me to get in his car it was a stranger thank god my aunt was right there and the guy dropped me off my aunt was like five houses in front of the car and I told the guy that is my aunt I need to get out and he said owe I thought you were going farther than this I was so happy he let me out and not drove off.

  7. Scotty K. Sexton

    jaycee. I just want you to know that I am a very simple man that works hard everyday in a coalmines. when my wife and I heard your story in 2009, we had just got back from my wives ultra sound where we found out we was having a little girl. in honor of you and everything you went through my wife and I named our daughter “JAYCEE”. your story resonated with me and I just hope you get everything in life that you so deserve. May god bless and take care of you and your family.

    Scotty Sexton

  8. Gwen Bradley

    You are amazing! I will remember you for what you have done. You inspire us and teach us: perseverence hope resolve joy laughter. You are a real mom . Moms Rule! Keep going with the horses Thank you for your smiles

  9. Laura

    I’m very glad you survived all you did and made it home to see your mom after all you went through. You’re a very bright and wonderful person. Never give up the fight to keep moving forward in all you do. Much love and admiration. Laura :)


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