This web site is dedicated to Jaycee Dugard, the child who was kidnapped at age 11 near her home by the kidnappers, and kept in unlawful detention for more than 18 years. She was subjected to sexual abuse by the kidnapper itself and as a result gave birth to two children – daughters. She was isolated from the rest of the world and used to live in fear and deep depression, told that nobody loved her and even her family was not trying to find her. After several years of illegal detention occasionally she was found by the law enforcement bodies and released along with her daughters. She was given possibility to live an ordinary life.

This web site is created by those people who are admired by her talent and ability to continue living in dignity and happiness regardless everything what had happened to her.

All interested individuals who express their wish to contribute to the web site by either posting or writing certain articles regarding Jaycee’s story and life are more than welcome. In that case you can find us on the page of facebook.

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